Quality of life at work, every day

Making life easier for our employees is one of our key commitments as an employer. The objective is to improve the quality of life at work by offering a range of services for all our employees.

Multiple caretaking services:

  • Laundry
    Administrative assistance (vehicle registration documents, passport, etc.)
    Vegetable box delivery

Access to a gym

  • Fitness equipment
    Pilates, yoga, sophrology, strength training classes, etc.

Fleet of electric bicycles

  • To make it easier to get about for work purposes in the Brussels region

All our staff have the option of working from home periodically, as long as they have been in their job for at least 4 months. In other words, employees have the option of teleworking on either a regular basis - one day a week - or from time to time, depending on their needs.

Various training courses for employees and managers are available to help you manage this method of teleworking with ease.

Teleworking available to all

We encourage nomadic working. At BNP Paribas Real Estate, employees can arrange their working day according to their professional appointments and needs. We give them the tools and means to do so in the best possible conditions.

Jean-Marc Ledoux
Jean-Marc Ledoux
Chief Operating Officer, BNP Paribas Real Estate BELUX

Strong initiatives to promote equality

For several years, BNP Paribas Real Estate has been committed to promoting gender diversity, equal opportunities for women and men, and the inclusion of women in management

Our Women in Leadership (WIL) programme

Each year, 40 BNP Paribas Real Estate female employees benefit from this 36-month-long, tailor-made support programme. The programme consists of five days of training per year coupled with intensive mentoring sessions in years 2 and 3.

The aim is to support women in managing their professional careers.

BNP Paribas Real Estate: a learning business

Not only are our real estate businesses subject to strong regulation, they are also evolving very rapidly. Vocational training is one of our strengths, with a very extensive, well-founded range, delivered either internally by our experts or externally by specialists.

  • Classroom courses

Face-to-face training sessions held either internally or in partnership with external organisations.

Technical and business training

  • Digital learning

A very broad catalogue of e-learning training content (videos, tutorials, etc.)

Soft skills and personal development training

For example: leadership, design thinking, or distance management training.

Certified experts

BNP Paribas Real Estate employees can take high-level international training courses accredited by the RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors). In 2019, group employees will be RICS-certified, a guarantee of excellence in the real estate sector.