Working with you to enhance the value of publicly-owned land and property

Specialists can help you to rationalise the costs of your property portfolio and obtain the maximum value through tailored strategies. We will use our experience and expertise in public property to meet your needs.


Our added value

A comprehensive service range, adapted to public-sector property issues

Land development, sale and leasing of public assets, outsourcing and funds creation are just some of the areas in which we work on behalf of public-sector organisations. We can ensure that your property portfolio is asset managed, viable and competitive in the market and that its value is optimised

Private sector relationships and access to finance expertise: our strong relationships with the private sector through our transactional teams and our links to BNP Paribas ensures we can advise you on potential sources of funding

Leverage from our experience in land development projects: Our land disposals team is one of the market leaders in the public sector and, as a property developer, we are in a position to advise you on your town planning and property policy to best leverage your land's value.

Established track record in cost reduction: our teams have a strong history of managing portfolios and advising on rationalisation of costs.

Our commitment to sustainability: our sustainability expertise at every stage of the property lifecycle means that we can ensure you are hitting your targets and working with your corporate responsibility agenda in mind.   


Our services

Managing and enhancing the value of available land 

Property and financial strategy implementation

Selling your public sector assets 

Major land development operations

Re-organising and refurbishing the property asset base  

Operating cost optimisation and rationalisation 

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Knowing your local market in depth, anticipating your needs,
providing you bespoke solutions across every Carte implantations
stage of the real estate cycle of your assets…
these are BNP Paribas Real Estate’s commitments to make your issues our priorities.