Rental value estimate

Evaluate the potential of your property


The rental value of a property directly affects the return on your investment. Determining it properly is an essential stage. Our experts in Luxembourg help you to identify areas for improvement and enable you to take the right strategy decisions.

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Your challenges

To understand and optimise the income generated by your property


To improve the return from your investments, you need to construct a medium- or long-term strategy that incorporates changes in rental values:


  • Analysing the revenue potential of your property and its competitiveness
  • Determining and taking strategic decisions to optimise the rental value of your building
  • Finding out the rental value of your vacant properties
  • Analysing the factors likely to affect the rental value of your building
  • Anticipating the risks associated with any renegotiation of your tenants' leases


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Our services

Estimating the rental potential of your property asset


Our valuation experts appraise all asset types and can offer strategic solutions by:


  • Conducting an in-depth analysis of your property asset in technical, legal, rental and financial terms
  • Comparing your property to market benchmarks by undertaking a comprehensive in-depth analysis of the local market to establish the most relevant comparison points
  • Determining your property’s rental value by appraising it on the basis of the property type and characteristics, and the market context
  • Enabling you to draw your financial projections

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The benefits to you

Adopting the right strategy to optimise income from your property assets


You receive a full and accurate rental value estimate, which delivers:


  • A fair price with regard to rents to be paid or received
  • Strategy decisions taken with complete peace of mind, thanks to a network of local valuers who know their local markets
  • Various options proposed by our experts, designed to support you in making the right decision


Your Contacts


Director Valuation BeLux
Tel: +32 2 643 10 34


Marc Philippe

Philippe Marc
Valuation consultant
+352 34 94 84 45


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