Lease Management

Have the contractual obligations in the lease met


Through our recognised experience in lease management, we will protect your interests while maintaining good business relationships with your tenants, ensuring regular rental income and optimised costs.

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Your challenges

To optimise your income and retain your tenants


Effective management of your leases requires several objectives to be met:


  • Minimising vacant periods
  • Collecting your rent efficiently
  • Managing any overdue rents and supervising debt collection procedures
  • Understanding comparisons and market rents
  • Managing all legal and contractual obligations in relation to the lease
  • Staying informed about constantly changing legal requirements
  • Noting business cycles to anticipate late and non-payment

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Our Services

Managing the administration of your leases and relations with your tenants


Making use of five key skills in maintaining good relations with your tenants:


  • Controlling the statutory, regulatory and contractual obligations incumbent on your tenants and have them properly met
  • Handling the billing and collection of monies owed and residents’ taxes on your behalf
  • Controlling that the use of the premises complies with the lease by organising inspections
  • Managing statutory rent reviews, requests for amendments to the lease and the issuing of notices
  • Providing detailed data about rents, from our unique European market database

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The benefits to you

Expert management of your rental income


You gain the benefit of comprehensive management of your leases, including:


  • The experience of a European and Luxembourgish leader in property management
  • Tracking of your rental income, through close monitoring of your receipts
  • Incorporation of regulatory amendments enabling changes in rental income to be anticipated
  • Ongoing market intelligence keeping you informed of the latest news, enabling the anticipation of any action to be taken regarding your tenants

Your Contacts

Dusseldorf Pauline

Pauline Dusseldorf
Head of Property Management
Property Management
+352 34 94 84 36


Djoher Namra

Namra Djoher
Director – Financial Operations Property Management
Property Management
+352 94 84 61


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