Services to individuals

Improve the well-being of your properties’ occupiers


Our facilities management specialists specialists’ team in Luxembourg manage individualised services for each of your employees to meet social and business requirements. Such services form part of a comprehensive, customised approach to workplace environments.

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Your challenges

To maintain your company's attractiveness


The provision of services for individuals makes it possible to meet several objectives:


  • Improving the quality of life and satisfaction of your staff, with regards to their individual needs
  • Positively enforcing your HR policy, by enabling your staff to focus fully on their work and relieving them of their everyday concerns
  • Putting corporate culture into practice by helping to improve your employees everyday lives

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Our Services

Providing a range of high-quality services to occupiers


Identify, implement and manage, either sporadically or regularly, services for individuals, by meeting personal requirements, including:


  • Selecting high-calibre, competitively-priced service providers for a broad range of services: gym, concierge services (dry cleaning, shoe repair, clothes alterations, etc.), individual services (hairdressing, massage, etc.), administrative assistance (passport administration, local council, town hall, etc.), company crèche and childcare, travel agency
  • Recommending and analysing your costs per workstation and per available space
  • Negotiating contracts
  • Checking service provision
  • Setting up special areas, where required

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The benefits to you

Receive a bespoke service to help retain your staff


Make use of a range of services aimed at individuals to improve the welfare of your employees, which will in turn deliver:

  • Increased satisfaction in your staff and hence better retention
  • Access to best market practices through our specialist facilities management experts
  • Anticipation and support of your employee requirements by benchmarking the most highly valued services

Your Contacts

Dusseldorf Pauline

Pauline Dusseldorf
Head of Property Management
Property Management
+352 34 94 84 36


Djoher Namra

Namra Djoher
Director – Financial Operations Property Management
Property Management
+352 94 84 61


Knowing your local market in depth, anticipating your needs,
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stage of the real estate cycle of your assets…
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