Sustainability compliance & certification

Improve your buildings’ performance by including sustainability


In sustainability issues we have acquired considerable experience in environmental improvements to property assets. This helps us to increase rental and market values and the overall attractiveness of your buildings, and improve tenant retention.

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Your challenges

To generate value from your assets through an environmentally-friendly approach


Improving the attractiveness of your building and implementing a sustainability approach means:


  • Finding out the environmental performance of your property or property portfolio
  • Improving the environmental footprint and energy efficiency of your properties
  • Obtaining certification or compliance with standards for your buildings
  • Increasing the value of your assets

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Our Services

Offer you support and guidance on environmental improvements to your properties


We offer continuous management of your property throughout the lifecycle, delivering you expert advice and innovative responses to sustainability issues:


  • Evaluating the environmental performance of your properties
  • Reducing your water and energy consumption
  • Advising you on the environmental strategy to adopt to enhance the value of your properties
  • Analysing environmental risk
  • Taking charge of environmental certification for your buildings

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The benefits to you

Increase your buildings' value, ROI and attractiveness


Optimise your property assets by means of a truly environmental approach, delivering:


  • Increased asset value and reductions in your costs
  • The adoption of an environmentally-responsible approach
  • Promotion of your commitment to sustainability
  • Anticipation of changes to sustainability-related regulations and understanding of their impacts

Your Contacts

Dusseldorf Pauline

Pauline Dusseldorf
Head of Property Management
Property Management
+352 34 94 84 36


Djoher Namra

Namra Djoher
Director – Financial Operations Property Management
Property Management
+352 94 84 61


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