Project management

Effective coordination of partial renovation work carried out on your buildings


If you are planning to renovate or replace fixtures and fitting out following the departure of a tenant, or for your own use our staff in Luxembourg can take care of this mission by subcontracting conversion work.

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Your challenges

To increase rental value and improve comfort for occupiers


Undertaking complex work on a building entails coordinating a large number of different jobs and firms. Making use of a team of specialists in this field makes it possible to meet a number of needs, including:


  • Optimising the costs and timescales of the work
  • Complying with regulations in the areas of health, safety and the environment (HSE)
  • Coordinating service providers working on your building
  • Ensuring a high-quality end product

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Our Services

Providing full supervision of the work


Our experts are involved at every stage necessary to complete your work, from the feasibility study up to delivery: 


  • Analysing the project’s feasibility and risks
  • Auditing existing facilities
  • Drawing up a schedule of conditions and projected budget for the work
  • Consulting and selecting service providers for the relevant work phases, then drafting contracts
  • Monitoring work progress through regular committee meetings, in compliance with regulations
  • Providing regular reports on operations and cost tracking
  • Handling the accounting and administrative aspects of the work project
  • Organising acceptance and handover of the finished work

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The benefits to you

Optimise your budgets and deadlines


Gain the benefit of an experienced, multi-disciplinary team delivering:


  • Optimized costs and deadlines as the work is carried out
  • Respect of compliance with the regulations in force
  • Improved coordination of all parties involved through a single contact point -  the project owner, prime contractor, consultants and service providers

Your Contacts

Dusseldorf Pauline

Pauline Dusseldorf
Head of Property Management
Property Management
+352 34 94 84 36


Djoher Namra

Namra Djoher
Director – Financial Operations Property Management
Property Management
+352 94 84 61


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