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Use of Cookies

BNP Paribas Real Estate uses Cookies and similar technology on its Websites for a variety of reasons. This policy explains what Cookies are and why we use them. When this policy refers to “Cookies”, it refers to both Cookies and similar technologies which function in the same way as Cookies. When this policy refers to “computers”, it refers to computers, smartphones and all other devices used for accessing the internet. Our Cookies policy may be amended from time to time without notice so it is important that you regularly check this policy so you are fully aware of any changes or updates.

 Accepting Cookies

Most computers will have their browsers set to automatically accept the use of Cookies. Therefore, by using this Website and not changing your browser settings, you are deemed to accept these Cookies and the terms of this policy. If you do not wish to accept the use of Cookies on this Website, please either change your browser settings (explained below) or stop using the Website. If you decide to block Cookies, you may experience reduced functionality or be prevented from using the Website completely.


What Cookies are

Cookies are small, usually randomly coded text files, sent to and stored by your computer. They allow your browser to remember certain pieces of information which internet servers can later retrieve and use. When you visit a BNP Paribas Real Estate Website we may send a cookie to your computer. Many Cookies we use are designed to enhance your experience of using the internet. Examples of this would include the use of Cookies to:

  • allow Websites to be loaded more quickly;
  • speed up Website searches;
  • store your Website preferences, such as language and time zone;
  • improve Website security by verifying who you are; and
  • logging-in to secured Websites more quickly.

We may also use Cookies to conduct research and analytics to improve our Websites, services and products. This may include compiling statistical information on how often you use our Websites, which pages you viewed and for how long.

 Types of Cookies used on this Website

  • Cookies intended to collect Website statistics: in order to customise our Website to the requirements of our visitors, we measure the number of visits, the number of pages viewed, the activity of the visitors on the Website and how often visitors return. These Cookies enable traffic analysis statistics to be compiled. From this analysis, the contents of the Website can be developed and improved to enhance user experience.
  • Cookies enabling storage of:
    • o your user preferences, the display settings and players that you use. These Cookies facilitate your browsing during the session on our Website and enhance your user experience.
    • o information you have entered into particular forms on our Website .
  • Cookies intended to secure your connection: These Cookies are used on our secure Websites where you must log-on with personal access details before accessing the Website. These Cookies may be used in a variety of ways. The two key ways are:
    • o when you open a secure session to access the Website and remain logged in for some time without activity, this type of cookie enables a message to be displayed on your computer inviting you to close your session and/or the cookie will automatically log you out of the Website if there is inactivity for a set period of time.
    • o when you open a secure session to access the Website, a unique token is stored on your computer by way of a cookie which allows BNP Paribas Real Estate to identify you.


All Cookies types used on this Website are anonymous, sessional and will be deleted from your computer once you log out of the Website.

 How you can manage or block Cookies

In accordance with the Luxembourg Act of 2 August 2002 on privacy protection in respect of personal data proceeding, you have the right to access and object your personal data.

To exercise this right, you shall send BNP Paribas Real Estate a written request in this respect, duly dated and signed, to one of the addresses mentioned in the Disclaimer of this Website, to the attention of the Legal Affairs Department.

As a default, most browsers are set to accept Cookies. However, you will be able to block all Cookies should you wish to by changing your browser settings. Your browser’s “Help” function will tell you how to do this. You may also be able to configure your browser settings to block on certain types of cookie or to notify you each time a new cookie is about to be stored on your computer, so you can then accept or reject it. Again, your browser’s “Help” function will explain how to do this, should you have this function available to you. It may be that some of the essential features of our Websites are only accessible through the use of Cookies. Therefore, for full functionality of this Website, it is suggested you leave Cookies enabled. If you do not, you may experience reduced functionality or be prevented from using the Websites completely. More information about Cookies and how they can be managed and deleted can be found at the following Website:


Your Privacy

See our Disclaimer to learn more about how BNP Paribas Real Estate protects your privacy when using our Website.

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